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US Customs Declaration FormInternational travelers should be aware of US Customs rules and regulations. For the latest US Customs information, visit their Know Before You Go website page.

Towards the end of your flight home, attendants will provide US citizens with a US Customs Form 6059B that must be filled out to re-enter the US. It is helpful if you keep receipts for your overseas purchases in an easily accessible place for the purpose of filling out your declaration form and proving your declared values if they are questioned by US Customs officials.

Provided you haven't already used the exemption, or any part of it in the past 30 days, you may bring home $800 worth of goods duty-free. So can each member of your family, regardless of age; and your exemptions may be pooled, so one of you can bring in more if another brings in less. Dolls and toys may be brought home duty-free. So can fine art and bona fide antiques 100 years old or older – just make sure they're authenticated as such.

Gifts valued at less than $100 may be mailed to the United States duty free, with a limit of one package per day per addressee, and do not count as part of your exemption; mark the package "Unsolicited Gift" and write the nature of the gift and its retail value on the outside. Larger stores will handle this for you.